Number of guests

The booking is valid for the notified number of guests onto which the cost of accomodation relates.
In case the number of guests increases it should be mentioned latest at arrival. Would this notification been missed out it could relate into complete cancellation of the reservation - based on full payment-.

Non-Smoking accomodations

Smoking is prohibited within the accomodation as well as in the whole house. The smoking area is located outside. In case a guest does not respect the rule and smokes in the accommodation it might cause cancellation of her/his booking with short notice, whereas payment for the whole period would stay due. Anyhow a fee of Euro 100,00 has to be paid for separate cleaning.

Latest arrival time

Any upfront information concerning late arrivals (after 7 p.m. / 19.00 h) is appreciated.

Latest arrival time by 21.00 h or an upfront agreed point in time.


As we cannot charge EC- or Creditcards cash is required. Payment will be due at arrival.

We are more than happy to mention that there would be two Banks with cashmaschines in our neighborhood.

Termination / Cancellation fee

If termination wo4ld become necessary we ask for information as soon as possible.
In case the reservation is related to a fair in Duesseldorf and/or a big event in Neuss or Duesseldorf we would request termination fee as follows:

a) termination 8 to 4 weeks in advance of your arrival -> 20% termination fee of the booking would be due
b) termination 4 to 2 weeks in advance of your arrival -> 50 % termination fee of the booking would be due
c) termination 2 weeks and less in advance of your arrival -> 80% termination fee would become due.

In generell we charge Termination fee if:
1) the complete reservation would be termindays 1 to 3 days in advance of your arrival 80%
2) the number of attendees would be reduced later than 10.00 am at arrival date 80%

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